Planning Consultancy

As the application process progresses we continue to advise in relation to the strategy, tactics, policy, technical and increasingly important consultation issues. We seek to develop constructive working relationships with officers, consultees, Members and the public in order where possible to resolve areas of concern prior to application.


Where appropriate we can be actively part of organising, inputting to and delivering community consultation events. We are also experienced in providing detailed instructions to leading Counsel where their advice is required.


We then pull applications together, including providing Planning Statements and other supporting information, before formally submitting to the Local Planning Authority.


Thereafter we continue to proactively work in a constructive manner to seek agreement on policy and technical issues and where possible agree proposed planning conditions and S106 Heads of Terms prior to determination. We can appear at planning committee meetings on behalf of the applicant and be involved in pre-determination Member briefings.


Once planning permission has been achieved we can then discharge planning conditions in an efficient manner to enable development to commence promptly.

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